Presentation Overview


Tim Corbett


New Zealand is a land of ‘early adopters’. ATM, EFTPOS, SMS and now digital.  We take technology on quickly but we also ‘Kiwi-ise’ it and use it our way. The result? There are now more mobile phones than people in New Zealand, over 85% of Mums are on Facebook, Maori use of smartphones is higher than non - Maori and we 'double and triple screen’ every day - we watch TV while using our iPads to Google, Facebook and message. We use digital to explore, connect and watch. If we’re thinking of buying something, we check in with our ‘friends’ first. If we’re travelling, we rely on ‘connected’ strangers for hotel, tour and trip reviews. If we’re cooking, we use an app to teach us and if we want to know about Pertussis, we go straight to Google, then Facebook, then txt, then, maybe, our GP clinic or more likely, our pharmacy.

All around us, patients, whanau and communities have moved on and left General Practice behind. So how can General Practice catch up to where patients are at and use digital to connect, inform and support families and whanau with their immunisation?

This session will overview where and how your patients are using digital. We’ll also look at why they are using digital tools like apps, Facebook and Instagram and then how General Practice can use digital tools to support parents and whanau on immunisation - in a way that maintains professional integrity, ethics and privacy. You’ll come away from the session knowing why your practice needs to ‘catch up’, how to get ‘buy in’ back at your practice and how to take the first steps.