Presentation Overview

Improving and sustaining organisational performance in primary care - The Primary Care Practice Improvement Tool (PC-PIT)

Dr Lisa Crossland and Claire Jackson



There are few tools aimed at supporting or improving practice organisation which are bespoke to primary health care settings. Following an extensive systematic literature review; pilot study and trial [1, 2], we have developed the Primary Care Practice Improvement Tool (PC-PIT) in a co-creation approach with Practice Managers and the AAPM [3]. The PC-PIT is designed to be internally facilitated by Practice Managers and takes a whole of practice approach to addressing 13 key elements which are integral to high performing practices. We are now completing the Phase 2 trial of this tool in a range of primary health care settings nationwide.

Session Aim / Objectives

  • To introduce Practice Managers to the concept of the PC-PIT and its use in practice.
  • To involve session participants in understanding and applying the PC-PIT as part of their current quality improvement activities.
  • To share the experiences of those practices (Practice Managers) which have used the PC-PIT in practice
  • To identify and discuss additional resources and strategies to support the role of Practice Managers in improving organisational performance.


An interactive session, combining researcher and practice presentations with audience participation.

  • Initial presentation of the key elements and practical application of the PC-PIT in practice (15 mins)
  • Presentation of 1-2 case study experiences from practices that have used the PC-PIT (15 mins)
  • Reflective discussion around case studies and applying the PC-PIT in practice (20 mins)
  • Presentation of additional resource suite and reflective discussion around additional tools and strategies to support Practice Manages undertaking continuous quality improvement (10 mins)

The workshop will introduce participants interested in tools to improve organisational practice performance to the PC-PIT and its application in practice. It will also present and discuss an online suite of resources and additional strategies aimed at supporting Practice Managers as facilitators of organisational improvement in primary health care.
Intended audience: Practice Managers and Practice Administrators (Australian and New Zealand)