Presentation Overview

Happy business - pull the other one

Craig Davis


Business as usual is broken.  People are overwhelmed and exhausted by traditional business models and ways of working.  In a world characterised by volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity, they just don’t work anymore.

Conscious Business is a new way to imagine and operationalise businesses to make them healthy, more successful and sustainable.  In this talk, Craig Davis, serial entrepreneur, Adjunct Professor at UTS, and Board member of Conscious Capitalism Australia, will explain the four things that make doing business so different in 2015, and introduce you to the four tenets of Conscious Business.  

Practicing what he preaches, Craig will also give you the inside story on his latest venture,, a start-up disrupting Australia Post’s longstanding postal monopoly, and explain how and why it has been designed as a Conscious Business from the beginning.   There are better ways to do business in 2015!"

 You can see from today’s media - - that it’s been a busy time.

He  is very much looking forward to the AAPM event in Hobart.