Presentation Overview

The Game Changer

Jason Fox


This stimulating keynote will get your people rethinking (and rebuilding) the way we work.

Robert Unicorns, hoverboards and flying space ninjas?

Probably not. But as many speakers like to say: the world is changing fast. And it is. But what's more facinating is how new and emerging technology and insight is being applied to enhance the way we work. This keynote previews and unpacks emerging innovations, cutting edge practices and simple, low-tech cultural 'hacks' that are reshaping the way we work. Learn what leading organisations are doing, what's on the horizon, and how you can work together to build a more nimble and progressive cultures fit for the future of work.

Key Learnings:

  • Learning how to find gold in a world of hype - and why you should view every new technology through the lens of motivation design.
  • Learn how to rethink meetings, emails and all the other work culture relics that get in the way of truly progressive work.
  • Learn why we need to be more like ninjas- and how you can protect your work from disruption (because the robots are coming).