Presentation Overview

Patient Centred Medical Home: Thought Bubble or Meaningful Model

Marina Fulcher



There is much chatter in the industry about the Patient Centred Medical Home but what does it really mean and how do we achieve “patient centred-ness” in an Australian or New Zealand health care environment?
A committed group of teaching practices in western Sydney are currently undergoing the significant process of change in their structure and delivery of patient care.  The practices range in size and sophistication from small solo practices to large medical centres.
In this workshop we will consider the change challenges involved in order to achieve practice transformation towards becoming a true Patient Centred Medical Home.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Describe what does and does not identify a practice as a Patient Centred Medical Home;
  • Learn the real importance of understanding and interpreting your practice’s data and how having reliable data will lead you to making practice-wide improvements;
  • Understand what makes a practice team in a Patient Centred practice and the role of all members of that team in delivering truly patient centred care;
  • Understand how Bodenheimer’s 10 Building Blocks act as a pathway towards achieving the Triple and the subsequent Quadruple Aim of High Performing Practices.

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