Presentation Overview

Achieving Gold Standard in Practice Management

Anna Maria Gibb

My Practice Manual


Being a high performing practice manager is a challenging role for today's busy practice manager. Achieving the gold standard practice management is best achieved through a combination of formal education, extensive experience and the use of the right tools and information to make the practice effective, compliant and successful.

For Practice Managers, AAPM Fellowship is the highest level of achievement in the Association.  It supports your experience, demonstrates commitment to best practice and increases your value to the practice.

This session will discuss the pathway to the AAPM Fellowship and effective ways to support your journey to a gold standard practice and Fellowship by focusing on the formal training, tools and information available to practice managers.

In the first part, Colleen Sullivan will review the path to Fellowship of the AAPM, the CPM and the AAPM Core Principles of Health Care Practice Management that provide a framework for the program, including Financial Management, Human Resource Management, Planning and Marketing, Information Management, Risk Management, Governance and Organisational Dynamics, Business and Clinical Operations and Professional Responsibility.

In the second part, Carmel Brown and Anna-Maria Gibb will discuss how the effective use of systems, policies and procedures to support these core principles, your journey to Fellowship, as well as practice outcomes such as patient care and compliance with Standards and legislation.

Practice managers need to have knowledge and skills in a wide range of areas to run a successful practice. Carmel and Anna-Maria will discuss effective ways to manage this challenge.  By deciding and documenting ‘why’, ‘what’ and ‘how’ things should be done in the practice, practice principles and managers can work towards a consistent, best practice approach. This session will demonstrate the technology, tools and expert sources of information leaving them free to ‘get on with the job’.

The summary of the session will highlight the connection between achieving Gold Standard in practice management through the highest personal achievement and excellent practice systems.