Presentation Overview

My World, Our World, The World of Healthcare

Tracey Johnson

Inala Primary Care


Chronic disease and multi-morbidity are shared burdens in healthcare systems around the world.  Increasingly, healthcare systems are being asked to prolong wellness rather than support illness with the emphasis shifting from hospitals to primary care.  The needs of different patient groups are also being recognised in many jurisdictions, leading to very different provision for those with most need and disadvantage.  In late 2014, Tracey Johnson, the General Manager of Inala Primary Care in Queensland, was awarded a Churchill Fellowship to study models of community based chronic disease care in New Zealand, Canada, the USA, UK and Hong Kong.  During her address she will highlight the lessons learnt from other countries visited from April to July 2015.  Many of these locations are further down the ageing curve and have higher rates of disadvantage than is the case in “the Lucky Country”.  They provide a looking glass to review the responses which can be made to create a more sustainable, patient centred and community based health and social support system.  The focus of the address will be on the new demands Practice Managers will face as multi-disciplinary teams, larger patient groups, shared accountability for care and new funding models are introduced in the decade to come.