Presentation Overview

Health and Wellbeing Futurist

Dr Roberto Leonardi



Dr Roberto Leonardi  is a futurist specializing in the health industry and Head of the Europa Health Forecasting Group based in Milan, Italy. As an internationally recognized consultant Roberto provides market forecast and strategic advice to a wide range of hospitals, medical groups, managed care organizations and suppliers throughout Europe, the UK and the United States. 

Moreover Roberto has been a change agent and strategic advisor to Practice Managers throughout Europe and the UK where he assists them to develop game-changing strategies aimed at facilitating them to become fully engaged both in work and in life …in order to create what he calls their “preferred future”.  Roberto encourages Practice Managers to not only manage their time …but also to manage their energy.  He also maintains that successful fully engaged Practice Managers of  21st Century will need to be nimble, creative, communicative, collaborative, decisive and motivated.  

Roberto has both a Masters in Business Leadership and  Neuropsychology from Harvard University. A dual degree he completed over five years ago in between consulting roles.  Roberto’s powerful messages intertwined with humour of possibility, opportunity, and action have helped create startling as well as powerful changes in Practice Managers worldwide. Roberto is currently on a Australia wide lecture tour we truly appreciate him joining us here this evening. please join me in giving him a warm Australian welcome