Presentation Overview

Lifting your practice's clinical and financial performance - lessons learnt from 75,000 patient surveys

Leon McCormack

Insync Surveys


Most practice managers undertake patient feedback surveys simply because it's a requirement of accreditation. In the rush to complete the accreditation process - while juggling the everyday demands of running a busy practice - you may rarely find time to reflect on the results and consider how they might improve your quality of service. But, with more time, you can use patient feedback to guide practice improvements, such as better patient care and financial performance.

Insync will give you the opportunity to reflect on their benchmark of results obtained from over 75,000 patients who have completed their Patient Satisfaction Instrument (PSI).

A Snapshot:

  • There's a substantial difference between the highest performing 25% of practices and the lowest performing 25% of practices.
  • Among the highest performing 25% of practices, 99.1% of patients are satisfied with their practice
  • Among the lowest performing 25% of practices , 91.5% of patients are satisfied with their practice...but would you want one in ten patients saying negative things about your practice?
  • In the most extreme 1% of practices, only 70% to 80% are satisfied with their practice.

Insync will demonstrate how you can review your own performance in seven key areas (or domains) that drive high patient satisfaction, which include access, easy of use, patient arrival, consultation, information provision, general organisation, and privacy and confidentiality.

This session will help you reflect on the ways to use patient feedback to improve overall patient satisfaction, which is linked to improved financial performance.