Presentation Overview

What if they don't like me ( and was that Jenny or Julie or maybe it was... and am i supposed to know that)

Brett McPherson


Firstly, congratulations…. because you got the job !!  You certainly impressed at the interview.

But, it’s now day 1 …… and your walking through the door, your nervous, excited, worried, stressed, confident or maybe not. Reality has arrived and you now need to perform!

Practice manager or not, you are the new person; so it’s not just about starting a new job, it’s about entering a well established community or social group, and it will be made harder by the fact that you’re the new boss !

During this presentation the aim is to provide you with some tips, skills and resources that will allow you to not only survive those first 90 days, but to allow you to establish yourself as the manager your practice had to have.

“Be who you are & say what you mean because those who don’t mind matter & those who matter don’t mind !”Dr Seuss.