Presentation Overview

Medicare Digital Claiming - the past, the present and the future

Rory King


For nearly 15 years Medicare has been working towards a vision of 100% digital claiming. This vision is now closer than ever to being realised. Colin Bridge, General Manager of the Health Support and Business Services division within the Department of Human Services, will discuss the outstanding progress that’s been made in working towards 100% digital claiming, the latest innovations that make it easier than ever for Medicare claims to be submitted digitally, and what still needs to be done.

As General Manager of the Health Support and Business Services Division, Colin is responsible for the management of government programmes and the payments of benefits and incentives and delivery of other services to the public, health professionals and businesses.

This includes managing the Medicare claiming channels for both the public and health providers, which currently process over 350 million claims for Medicare services each year.

Colin has over 30 years experience in public service with the Australian Taxation Office, Treasury, Medicare Australia and the Department of Human Services.  He has extensive operational experience in managing and driving change in large service delivery processing functions and compliance programmes.  He has lead major change projects, international benchmarking projects, new service design initiatives and developed new legislative and policy frameworks for compliance programmes.