Presentation Overview

Using resilience to build high performing individuals and teams who deliver results despite the changes and challenges that surround them

Rhett Morris

BulletProof People


“Every organisation will experience it’s fair share of change and challenge. The difference between those that thrive and those that suffer during these times comes back to the resilience behaviours and/or skills executed by the individuals and teams. Rhett Morris, owner and director of ¬†Bulletproof People wants to in this 3 hour workshop provide opportunity for every participant to evaluate how they currently utilise time, skills and their support structures to successfully manage these daily encounters. At the conclusion of this session you will be challenged to articulate your future plans for managing change and challenge via the completion of a “Resilience Roadmap”. Rhett plays the role of conversation host on the day, as he guides the group around a resilience discussion, sharing the experiences that comes from working with over 1000 teams but also extracting the wisdom that is already present in individuals and/or teams attending the workshop”.