Presentation Overview

If i have to follow all these laws why don't my staff have to do what I want?

David Wenban

Australian Health Industry Group


As a lawyer David is well known for his thoughtful and pragmatic advice on employment and work health and safety matters. As a leadership mentor and coach his frank and honest approach to assisting people become high performing leaders is highly sought after.

The title of this talk was a question put to David some time ago. The answer, like this session, has three parts:

  • Because people matter and they are the reason your business succeeds or fails. Ask yourself, are you their customer or are they yours?
  • Employment law is about obligations. The role of leadership is about vision and actions. The two are not the same – nor were they intended to be. Do you understand the difference?
  • If you want employees to meet your expectations you have to lead them.

Come to this session and find out about what David refers to as ‘STEAP’ leadership and why a recent participant described this session as ‘a fantastic session, as usual very down to earth, a bit of fun, full of useful information and how to do its’.