Invitation to Sponsors and Exhibitors

You are invited to participate in the Combined Conference of the Australian Association of Practice Management (AAPM) and the Practice Managers and Administrators Association of New Zealand (PMAANZ).

In the past years AAPM has had wonderful support from its sponsors and exhibitors and we are looking forward to the participation of a large contingent of PMAANZ members and exhibitors from New Zealand.

The exhibitor component of the conference will showcase a wide range of services and products which will make the role of Practice Managers easier and their practices more efficient and effective.

We look forward to seeing you in Hobart in October!

Lynne Greene and Henrietta Taia
Joint Convenors

Important Information

Sponsorship and Exhibition Sales

Contact Penny Archer from Conference Design at or phone 03 6231 2999.

Exhibition Times

The Exhibition will be open to the delegates at the following times:

  • Wednesday 21 October
    8:00am - 5:30pm, including the Happy Hour
  • Thursday 22 October
    8:00am - 6:00pm, including the Happy Hour
  • Friday 23 October
    8:00am - 2:00pm

Bump-in & Bump-out

  • Bump-in
    Tuesday 20 October 1.00pm - 6.00pm
    Please note that the Welcome Reception in 2015 will be held at MONA - the Museum of Old and New Art. Two tickets are included with each booth to the Welcome Reception.
  • Bump-out:
    Friday 23 October from 2.00pm

Sponsors and Exhibitors Manual


staff registration


DELIVERY ADVICE FORM: This form must be filled out if you are sending a delivery to the Conference Venue. Please email completed form to the Hotel Grand Chancellor

See below for the floor plan. Booths marked with X are already booked.

Exhibition Company

Contact Scene Change for your exhibition booth, furniture and AV requirements.

Rod Street
03 6234 2266

Venue Contact

Sarah Gopal
Hotel Grand Chancellor
03 6235 4795

Marketing Specifications

Where eligible please supply the following marketing items as specified:

  • Sponsors slides in PowerPoint in 16:9 format
  • Pull up banners can be up to 2m tall and 85cm wide
  • Logos should be sent in high resolution JPEG, PNG or TIFF format


Late and missing deliveries are the main concern for sponsors and exhibitors during the conference.

Please ensure you make specific arrangements with your transport provider and/or ensure you have a representative on site at the time of delivery.

The Evans Street loading dock can accept up to 2.3m wide by 2.3m high by 1.20m deep via tall mask fork lift delivery. Larger items need to be evaluated and may require alternative equiptment to be arranged. Use of the fork lift or elevating equiptment requires a qualified rigger or certified personnel. All costs associated with moving the item into and out of the building plus to and from the designated trade booth are to be met by the exhibitor. The venue accepts no responsibility should any oversized items not be able to be moved onto the building or in place within the building. The venue does not warrant the safety or security of any items. The exhibitor or the exhibitors agent must be on site during the delivery of any oversized items.

Please read the Exhibitor Manual, under the downloads section of the website for full details.

Your Contact Person

When booking please appoint a single point of contact within your Organisation. All bookings will be recorded under the one name and all correspondence will be sent to this person.


Anyone from your Organisation attending the conference or guests you wish to invite to the Conference must register with Conference Design before the conference. An official conference name badge will be required to access the conference and exhibition area.


Your Profile

We will include a profile for each sponsor and exhibitor on the web site and in the conference app.

  • Sponsors - 200 word profile
  • Exhibitors - 50 word profile

Include - the contact details delegates can use to connect with your organisation and a log, a phone number, an email address and a web address.

You logo should be a high resolution PNG, JPG or TIFF, PNG image, no less than 250 KB in size.

Email your profile and logo to


There will be limited on-site storage facilities for packing materials and boxes. It is recommended that exhibitors consider their storage needs (of packing crates and freight forwarding materials) for the duration of the exhibition. Exhibitors may not leave boxes and packing material in the exhibition display area during the show.  Please make Scene Change aware of any very large or heavy materials.


eSatchel Inserts - $1,500 per PDF

eSatchel Inserts are PDF advertisements that replace hardcopy satchel inserts. eSatchel Inserts are available to eligible sponsors (check the sponsorship package inclusions) and may also be purchased by exhibitors.

  • Your profile on the website
  • Your profile in the Conference App
  • Under a separate 'eSatchel' icon in the Conference App


PDF eSatchels Insert Specifications

  • High resolution, colour PDF
  • A4 portrait orientation, 210mm x 297mm
  • Maximum size of 1MB
  • No bleed and no crop marks
  • PDFs will be uploaded as 'as received'

PDFs are required by Friday 4 September 2015


Video eSatchel Insert Specifications

We are giving Conference Partners an opportunity to have a short video linked to the eSatchel. Your video will be uploaded to Vimeo and linked to the eSatchel in the app and online. Delegates will be able to view the video on their mobile devices or desktops. As this is a new option we would recommend using existing content or creating a short promotional video to maximise views be creative!

  • Maximum size of 20MB
  • MP4 or AVI formats

Exhibition Floor Plan

Below is the updated Exhibitor Booth Listing and Floorplan.

Exhibition Space


Each exhibition site includes:

  • Area measuring 3m wide x 2m deep
  • Two representative registrations including the Welcome Reception, the Happy Hours and daily catering
  • Booth structure will be white smooth finish walls suitable to attach posters with double-sided velcro hooks. The exhibition area is carpeted.
  • Header board with your company name
  • Dressed trestle table and two chairs
  • Two spotlights
  • Power supply
  • Profile on the Conference website sponsors page and on the Conference App

Exhibitors are welcome to purchase tickets to the Gala Dinner and additional tickets to the Welcome Reception at MONA and Happy Hours.

2015 App Game:

Exhibitors and sponsors are encouraged to offer prizes to the delegates. All prizes will be drawn at lunchtime on Friday in the Exhibition area between 1300 - 1400.

After the success of the App Game at the Adelaide Conference last year we will be offering this again in Hobart!

Play the App Game - AAPM/PMAANZ App Game - Prizes to be won! Visit the Exhibitors and Sponsors to gather all the letters of the SECRET PHRASE and be eligible to enter the Combined Conference App Game Draw. Each exhibitor has their own QR Code. Under the App Game icon, you can use the QR scanner to scan each QR code and put together the SECRET PHRASE!Prizes will be drawn throughout the Conference and a major prize awarded to a delegate in the last session (the delegate needs to be there to win the major prize).

Terms and Conditions for Sponsors and Exhibitors

Bookings & Payments

Acceptance of Terms and Conditions

Conference Design Pty Ltd, members of the organising committee and the host organisation are collectively referred to as The Organisers.

The Organisation listed on the sponsorship and exhibition application will be referred to as your Organisation or collectively as sponsors and exhibitors.

By returning a sponsorship and exhibition application you are accepting these terms and conditions.

Acceptance of Applications

Conference Design will issue a an Australian Tax Invoice once a sponsorship and exhibition application has been accepted.

Any advertising is not an offer capable of acceptance. The Organisers reserve the right to decline any sponsorship and exhibition application.


All costs are inclusive of GST and listed in Australian Dollars.


Payment is required within 14 days of Conference Design issuing your Tax Invoice to confirm your application.

Sponsorship and exhibition entitlements, including the allocation of exhibition space, do not commence until payment has
been received.

Cancellation of Sponsorship and Exhibition Bookings

Once a sponsorship and exhibition application has been accepted all payments are non-refundable. If you are no longer able to attend the conference please contact Conference Design to discuss your participation.

Cancellation or Postponement of the Conference

The Organisers do not accept any liability for losses incurred if the conference is cancelled or postponed due to an event that renders proceedings with the conference inadvisable, illegal, impracticable or impossible.

If the conference is cancelled or postponed refunds will not be issued but available funds will be credited towards the rescheduled conference.

An unforeseen event could include, but is not limited to, an infectious disease outbreak; industrial disruptions; service provider failures; governmental restrictions or regulations; war or apparent act of war; terrorism or apparent act of terrorism; disaster; civil disorder, disturbance, and/or riots; curtailment, suspension or restriction on transportation; or any other emergency.

General Information

Disclaimer and Changes

Every effort has been made to present all the information accurately, however no liability is accepted for any inaccuracy and the Organisers reserve the right to change any published information.

The Organisers reserve the right to amend, update or delete sponsorship and exhibition packages and the exhibition floor plan.

Exhibition Floor Plan

The exhibition floor plan is subject to change without notice. The floor plan is not to an exact scale, but accurately represents the position and sizes of exhibition spaces.


When booking please appoint a single point of contact within your Organisation. All bookings will be recorded under the one name and all correspondence will be sent to this person.

Allocation of Exhibition Spaces

Conference Design will allocate exhibition spaces after taking into account each organisation's sponsorship, the date of application, preferences, proximity to competitors and any other matters deemed relevant.


All sponsors and exhibitors must have adequate insurance for the period of the conference, including public and products liability cover and professional indemnity insurance. We may request a certificate of currency.


Your Organisation shall indemnify and hold harmless the Organisers for any loss, damage to property or injury to persons suffered as a result of your participation in the conference, except where the Organisers are found to be negligent.

Supply of Goods and Services

The supply of any goods, services, samples or advice is entirely at your Organisation’s own risk.

During the Conference

Bump-in: Tuesday 20 October 1.00pm - 6.00pm
Bump-out: Friday 23 October after 2.00pm

Late and missing deliveries are the main concern for sponsors and exhibitors during the conference.

Please use the specified delivery labels and confirm with your courier the consignment has actually been made.

When you arrive on site have the courier name, the consignment numbers and the delivery date available.


No valuable items should be left unattended at your exhibition at any time and especially not overnight. No responsibility is accepted for any loss or damage to equipment and display materials.


Anyone from your Organisation attending the conference or guests you wish to invite to the Conference must register with Conference Design before the conference. An official conference name badge will be required to access the conference and exhibition area.

Custom Stands

All custom stands must fit within the purchased exhibition space. Custom stands must not exceed 4.0 metres high. If you have any questions please email us a floor plan and elevations of your proposed stand.

Delegate List

Due to privacy requirements the delegate list will be supplied in hard copy only
at the time of the Conference and will include name, organisation and state.

Interactive Exhibitions

Whilst we encourage you to develop entertaining and interactive displays to attract delegates, please be mindful not to disturb other exhibitors or delegates.


There isn't any additional storage space on site, all your equipment and packing cases must fit within your exhibition space.

Signage at the Venue

The venue doesn't allow any signage to be fixed to walls or other surfaces. Your signage should be free standing to allow for easy placement and should be contained with your exhibition space.

Dismantling Displays

Due to safety requirements you will not be able to dismantle your display before the published closing time.

Damage to the Venue

Your Organisation shall indemnify the Organisers from all liability for damage to the venue deemed to have been caused by your staff, contractors, agents or guests. The cost of repairs will be the sole responsibility of your Organisation.