Pre-Conference Workshops

Pre-conference workshops will be held on Tuesday 20 October 2015 at the Hotel Grand Chancellor. The workshops are an additional cost and not included in the conference registration fee. Please register during the Online Registration process as numbers are limited!

From compliance to excellence

  • Mark Stallwood - Stallwood Consulting Services
  • $175 per person
  • Includes workshop, coffee on arrival and morning tea
  • 0930 - 1230
  • Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Using resilience to build high performing individuals and teams who deliver results despite the changes and challenges that surround them

  • Rhett Morris - Bulletproof People
  • $195 per person
  • Includes workshop, coffee on arrival, morning tea and workbooks
  • 0930 - 1230
  • Tuesday, 20 October 2015


As a practice owner and practitioner for many years, Mark Stallwood developed firsthand experience with many of the issues that face professional practice. He established a niche consultancy firm that worked with professional practices in the medical, dental and veterinary professions throughout Australia for many years. He has taught small business management and also a variety of subjects in marketing and retail fields. His professional interests include the role of business and strategic planning in professional practice. Mark has also lectured on aspects of practice management at both the University of Queensland and the University of Sydney.

Mark was Academic Director for the University of New England Partnerships program in Professional Practice Management, a position he held from 2007 until early 2015, and was instrumental in the development of the current Certificate and Diploma in Professional Practice Management. He currently works as a flexible learning educator for Careers Australia, in their Healthcare Hub, on the Gold Coast. When not working Mark is a keen nature photographer.













Workshop Overview:

Compliance is an important part of being in business, particularly in healthcare practice but there is more to providing true excellence in healthcare practice. This workshop will look beyond the compliance requirements of the various colleges and legislative areas and look at what it takes to truly have a business of excellence. We will use the Australian / New Zealand Standards framework for business excellence and work on its application to your practice.

Aspects we will consider include:

How do you make this work on a day to day basis?
What role do you have in achieving this?
How do you get the whole team involved?
How important is leadership in achieving excellence?
What will it mean for all of the staff and patients?

Take your practice to the next level and truely become a practice of excellence.


Rhett Morris founded Bulletproof People in 2009 after seeing the need for increased resilience in organisations from both a corporate and individual perspective.

Bulletproof People is an organisation which produces highly engaging programs that enable people to make the right choices before, during and after times of change, crisis and stress in both their personal and professional lives. In the last four years Rhett and his team have presented over 1000 workshops on topics including resilience, alcohol & other drugs, conflict and bullying and fatigue and energy management. Using his background in business and people management Rhett has been able to deliver results for individuals and has also provided the catalyst and culture for improved business outcomes in the areas of productivity, quality and safety.

Previously, Rhett was the principal at a training college on the Sunshine Coast. Starting from scratch, Rhett led a team that successfully gained Registered Training Organisation status and trained hundreds of people in Humanities and Social Work, from Certificate IV to Advanced Diploma Level.

Prior to establishing Bulletproof People he was a Business Development Manager with a large scale not-for-profit organisation that works with people who have life-controlling issues. Moving up through the ranks, Rhett was eventually to become CEO and lead a team of 30 professionals. During this time, Rhett, along with his team managed to fund raise over 10 million dollars to build a 40-acre, 50 bed purpose-built facility and see hundreds of people graduate from the 12-month program.

In the last four years Rhett has delivered in excess of 600 workshops and programs to over 20 different multinational organisations nationwide and internationally. He holds qualifications in Sport Science, Optics and Social Work. Rhett has a strong interest in Human Endurance with a unique insight into the demands of emotional and mental resilience.

He competes in Ironman racing and has completed many multi-disciplinary endurance events. Rhett is a speaker who is passionate about providing the right circumstances and motivations for people to deeply think through the issues and aspects of their lives that impact their ability to bounce back from change and challenge. Rhett is married with five children and comes from Sydney.

Workshop Overview:

“Every organisation will experience it’s fair share of change and challenge. The difference between those that thrive and those that suffer during these times comes back to the resilience behaviours and/or skills executed by the individuals and teams. Rhett Morris, owner and director of  Bulletproof People wants to in this 3 hour workshop provide opportunity for every participant to evaluate how they currently utilise time, skills and their support structures to successfully manage these daily encounters. At the conclusion of this session you will be challenged to articulate your future plans for managing change and challenge via the completion of a “Resilience Roadmap”. Rhett plays the role of conversation host on the day, as he guides the group around a resilience discussion, sharing the experiences that comes from working with over 1000 teams but also extracting the wisdom that is already present in individuals and/or teams attending the workshop”.

Please click here to watch a short video on Resilience by Bulletproof People.